Desktop Version

Two versions of the parcel assessment tool are available; a desktop version to be used when the parcel boundaries are known, and a web version for quickly estimating the benefits based on the quarter-quarter section (approximately 40 acres) nearest to the provided address or coordinates. The desktop version produces a report based on the actual parcel boundaries provided by the user, and is the preferred version when a shapefile of the parcel boundaries is available. Users that want to score many parcels at once can do so using the desktop version batch mode. The desktop version comes with the required base data, and runs on Microsoft Windows.

Getting started

  1. Download (note the file size is 2.4gb due to the included base data)
  2. Unzip the file (this may take some time and requires 12gb of space)
  3. Double click ‘Run’
  4. Review the user guide for more information